History of the Big Four Rodeo Association

The Big 4 Rodeo Association was established in 1948, and is one of the oldest organizations of its type. From available documents at the Lewiston Roundup office, it appears the Big Four started doing a Big Four Award in 1956.

The Big Four Rodeo Association member group remained the same – Pendleton, Lewiston, Ellensburg and Walla Walla – from 1948 until 2011.

Currently, the Big 4 is comprised of the Horse Heaven Round Up Rodeo, Walla Walla Fair & Frontier Days, the Lewiston Roundup and the Pendleton Round-Up. The Horse Heaven Round-Up is the newest member of the Big 4 Rodeos, as they joined in 2012.

Over the years, many associations have come about in all the states but not many, if any, with the history and prestige of the Big Four Rodeo Association.  It is difficult to ascertain if any are older than the Big Four Rodeo Association as almost all of them have not kept records of their existence nor do many of them presently have any formal record keeping. The Southern Rodeo Association (SRA), was founded in 1954. The American Professional Rodeo Association (APRA) has no stated date. The United Rodeo Association was established in 1962. The Tri-State Rodeo Association was founded in 1966. The Oregon Rodeo Association was founded in 1950, changed its name in 1956 to the Northwest Rodeo Assn, and then again to the NW Professional Rodeo Association in 1989. The California Six Pac Rodeos was founded in 1983.

The Big Four Rodeo Association is undoubtedly one of the oldest rodeo associations and, thanks to the continuous effort of the member committees to be in the forefront of the sport of rodeo, will continue to be one of the most prestigious associations in rodeo.

-Adapted from the History of the Big Four Rodeo Association By Stephen E. Cravens, Former Board Member of the Lewiston Roundup Association

2019 Big 4 Royalty
2019 Big 4 Royalty
Pictured: 2019 Big 4 Rodeo Royalty - Joseph, OR


1956 Eddie Akridge
1957 Jim Shoulders
1958 Marty Woods
1959 Jim Charles
1960 Bob A. Robinson
1961 Harley May
1962 Dean Oliver
1963 Mac Griffith
1964 Mac Griffith
1965 Rocky Rockabar
1966 Kenny Stanton
1967 Larry Mahan
1968 Larry Mahan
1969 Larry Mahan
1970 Larry Mahan
1971 Doug Brown
1972 Joe Alexander
1973 Royce Smith
1974 Royce Smith
1975 Tom Ferguson
1976 Tom Ferguson
1977 Tom Ferguson
1978 Mickey Young
1979 Dee Pickett
1980 Bob Logue
1981 Jimmie Cooper
1982 Bob Logue
1983 Tom Ferguson
1984 Brad Gjermundson
1985 Pax Irvine
1986 Dave Brock
1987 Tuff Hedeman

1988 Wayne Herman
1989 Troy Frazier
1990 Clint Corey
1993 Steve Northcott
1994 Bobby Harris
1995 Fred Whitfield
1996 Brent Lewis
1997 Mike Beers
1998 Cody Ohl
1999 Pete Hawkins
2000 Kristen Weaver
2001 Trevor Brazile
2002 Dan Moretensen
2003 Jesse Bail
2004 Terri Kay Kirkland
2005 Ryan Jarrett
2006 Trevor Brazile
2007 Trevor Knowles
2008 Ryan Gray
2009 Clint Cannon
2010 Trevor Brazile
2011 Cody Wright
2012 Trevor Brazile
2013 Trevor Brazile
2014 Austin Foss
2015 CoBurn Bradshaw
2016 Stevi Hillman
2017 Trevor Brazile
2018 Tuf Cooper
2019 Jason Stewart