Lewiston Roundup Board of Directors

The Lewiston Roundup brings out the spirit and values of our communities, our western heritage, and the agricultural way of life. Our volunteer board continues to contribute bolder dreams, higher ideals, and nobler causes because they take our beliefs and turn them into action.

As the Lewiston Roundup Association, we promote democracy, we create champions, we nurture innovation, and we are starters of leadership. The Lewiston Roundup Association contributes to the local economy, and helps weave the intricate fabric of our community.

The Directors are proud to be a part of #85YearsOfTradition in 2019.



Nikki Ausman
Inland Cellular


Dan Centenari, Sr.
Eye Care Specialists


Nick Dahlgren


Drew Dickinson
Clearwater Paper Fire Department

Bill Flory
Flory Farms

Cheyenne Gaspar
Lewis-Clark State College

Desiree Gurney
CHS Primeland

Tom (TL) Hartig

Eric Hasenoehrl
Keltic Engineering

Bill Jenkins
Lewiston Fire Department

Denny Jones
Idaho Forest Group

Kristin Kemak
LC Valley Chamber

Shelly O'Connell, DVM
Lewiston Veterinary Clinic

Rollie Thomason
Stonebraker McQuary Insurance

Nakia Williamson
Nez Perce Tribe

Scott Zuger
Lewis-Clark Terminal, Inc.