Lewiston Roundup Board of Directors

The Lewiston Roundup was started as a regular, community event and rodeo in 1935 which traditionally has been held the first weekend after Labor Day. However, when the Lewiston Roundup Association, Inc. moved to the Tammany Creek venue in 1982, it became a year-round IRS 501(C)3 non-profit corporation on nearly 80 acres dedicated to agricultural, scientific, and educational purposes. Therefore, the LRA is now not just about rodeo. It is a year-round business dedicated to its 501(C)3 purposes.

To finance the maintenance of the building and grounds, in addition to the annual Lewiston Roundup rodeo, the association rents various parts of the facility throughout the year such as the Ketch Pen, outdoor arena, indoor arena, horse stalls, and RV spaces plus conducts a number of special events like horse shows, tractor pulls, mud bog races, moto-cross and demolition derbies. There are a number of committees and directors are asked to chair at least one committee. Additionally, Directors are asked to help out with special events.

The Lewiston Roundup brings out the spirit and values of our communities, our western heritage, and the agricultural way of life. Our volunteer board continues to contribute bolder dreams, higher ideals, and nobler causes because they take our beliefs and turn them into action.

As the Lewiston Roundup Association, we promote democracy, we create champions, we nurture innovation, and we are starters of leadership. The Lewiston Roundup Association contributes to the local economy and helps weave the intricate fabric of our community.

There are 21 positions on the Board of Directors. Directors are elected to a three-year term if elected at the annual meeting. Director terms are staggered so that seven directors are elected each year.

2022 Directors in Arena
Bill Jenkins 22

Bill Jenkins

Lewiston Fire Department President | Ketch Pen | Saloon | Visiting Director Liason
Denny Jones 22

Denny Jones

Idaho Forest Group | 2nd Vice President | Contract Acts | Horseman's Ball
Brandon Randall 22

Brandon Randall

208 Seed, Inc. Livestock| Parking
Jamie Canning 22

Jamie Canning

Wayne Beale Farms Chicks N Chaps | TETWP | Royalty
Dan Centenari 22

Dan Centenari, Sr.

Eye Care Specialists Executive At-Large |  Concessions | Outside Vendors
Denny Jones 22

Denny Jones

Idaho Forest Group 2nd Vice President | Contract Acts | Horseman's Ball
Nikki Johnston

Nikki Johnston

Inland Cellular   Gold Buckle Club | Cowboy Hospitality
John Hilderbrand 22

John Hilderbrand

Asotin County Sheriff Security
Willie deibel 22

Willie Deibel

Twin River Bank Arena Director | Roundup Riders
Chance Jeffreys 22

Chance Jeffreys

Clean up
Chris Seubert 22

Chris Seubert

Rodeo Hospitality
Tim Nielson 22

Tim Nielson

Volunteers - Porta Potties
Scott Zuger

Scott Zuger

Lewis-Clark Terminal, Inc. Sponsorships | Spring Tune-Up

Kristin Kemak

LC Valley Chamber Corporate Tent

Shelly O'Connell, DVM

Lewiston Veterinary Clinic Grand Entry | Animal Welfare/Humane Issues 
Travis Polek

Travis Polek

Lewiston Orchard Irrigation District Facilities Local Barrels | Stagecoach 
Nakia Williamson 22

Nakia Williamson

Nez Perce Tribe Native Americans | Parade