Arena Rental Information

Indoor and Outdoor Arena Rental Information

Hourly Rental

  • $65 per hour with lights (indoor only)
  • 1 hour minimum, 4 hour maximum
  • You must have a Lewiston Roundup riding membership or private rental to use the facility for any reason
  • Arena will be worked daily and a $50 fee will be charged for each subsequent working of the arena
  • Renter may not provide own tractor or implements.

Daily Rental

  • $400 for the Indoor Arena
  • $500 for the Outdoor Arena

Community Goodwill Events

Approved Community Goodwill Events may be granted up to a 50% discount, pending approval by the Lewiston Roundup Association and if the areas are left clean after use.


Livestock Facilities


  • $110 per month. Owner furnishes all feed, water buckets and grain buckets. Stalls must be cleaned a minimum of every other day or LRA will charge an additional $25 cleaning fee. LRA will furnish 3 bags of shavings per month, per stall
  • $10 additional electricity charge per month for any hot walkers or water tank heaters.
  • $25 for 1 day or overnight stay.

Stock Pens

  • $60 per day

Large Spectator Events

  • Large events (Demo Derby, Monster Trucks, Moto X) will be charged at $4,000 per day or % of gross tickets (whichever is higher) for the Outdoor Arena with spectators
  • Please contact the Lewiston Roundup office for specifics


  • Hot walkers have a $10 per month electricity charge
  • Water tank heaters have a $10 per month electricity charge
  • RV Parking $25 per night any location. Water and electricity only. There is no sewer, but we have restrooms and showers available on the grounds.