2021 Grand Marshall Duane & Eadie Saxton

When you move to Lewiston, rodeo can get into your blood. For Duane, he was two years old when he moved here, but his parents made sure he attended the rodeos and parades. His interest continued when his mother, Phyllis Saxton, who never missed a rodeo, was Roundup Chaperone in 1962.

For Eadie, she moved here after marrying Duane in 1967, and it wasn’t long before she, too, became hooked. Their first involvement was through the Lewiston Jaycees selling concessions at the old rodeo grounds and sitting in the grandstands above the chutes.

In 1971, Duane was asked to be on the Rodeo Board and eventually served as Rodeo Secretary for 16 years. As all registrations of the cowboys and collection of fees were done by hand, Duane would take the week off from work to be in the rodeo office. During the three days of the rodeo, Eadie would assist him in his booth with these tasks. Meeting the cowboys when taking their fees was definitely a highlight as well as traveling to Denver and then Las Vegas to buy the rodeo acts and a stock contractor. However, the biggest highlight for Duane was being a part of building the new rodeo grounds in Tammany. He recalls the many days and nights the board and other community volunteers helped make that a reality.

When Duane was President of the Lewiston Round-Up Board, he spent THREE WHOLE hours brushing up on his almost, non-existent, riding skills to ride in the parade and the arena each night. Thank-you, Arlene Maynard.

Eadie was the Royalty Chaperone in 1987 and thoroughly enjoyed her year with Karen, Kim, and Cheri and their parents. Her previous equestrian experience consisted of an afternoon ride in the Ozarks when she was a teenager. The girls finally succeeded in getting her on a horse and riding around the arena during rodeo week. Spectacular? No! Funny? Yes!

Duane and Eadie have always been involved in community activities including Lewiston Jaycees where both held local and state offices while working Crazy Days, the Steelhead Derby, selling oranges door-to-door to raise funds to take needy children on a Christmas shopping trip, and many other events; working on Lewiston and State Jr. Miss programs; being a 4-H leader; belonging to PTA and supporting all their children’s activities including timing at track meets; teaching dancing; instructing karate and self-defense classes at Lewis-Clark State College, Walla Walla Community College, and the University of Idaho; and serving on the Foundation Board at Lewis-Clark State College.

Their daughter, Tracy, lives in Lewiston, is an Athletic Trainer at Lewis-Clark State College, and is married to Mike Collins, currently Mayor of Lewiston and coach of the LCSC Cross-Country and Track teams. Their daughter, Kassie, is studying and playing volleyball for Walla Walla Community College and their youngest daughter, Emily, is a junior and competes in basketball and track for Lewiston High School. Son, Gregg and his wife, Sue, live in York, Pennsylvania, with their two children, Zane and Natalie. Both are college students with Natalie playing college volleyball. After graduating from the Naval Academy, Gregg flew F-18’s for the Marines, and is now a site manager for a large, construction company. Sue is a teacher and reading specialist.

Duane was President of Paramount Pest Control and Liqui Lawn, plus Christmas Decor, until his retirement in 2005. Eadie retired from Aherin, Rice & Anegon as a bookkeeper/secretary in 2006. Since that time they have played a lot of golf, traveled, spent as much time as possible at the family cabin on the Selway, and filled their time this past COVID year playing a lot of cards.

Both are very, very honored to receive this recognition and excited to be involved once again with the Lewiston Round-Up. They are looking forward to their “She’s Wild” week!

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